Chocolate 101: What Is Chocolate Enrobing? Find Here!

The range of chocolate products in the market is incredibly huge. You will find pure chocolate products, and there are fillings and confectionary products that have a chocolate coating. In simple words, chocolate enrobing is the process of coating such fillings with chocolate. For such products, the filling is made first and then enrobed in chocolate. The thin layer of chocolate on the top adds to the taste and snap of the product. From nuts and selected dry fruits to other confectionary, there are a bunch of products that use chocolate enrobing to add that extra chocolate flavor and taste. In the industrial setup, a machine called the chocolate enrober is used to get the dipping done.

How is chocolate enrobing done?

Traditionally, enrobing is done by chocolatiers by hand, but that’s not just cumbersome but also time consuming and leads to wastage of material. With chocolate enrobers, the job gets done professionally, and most companies, including smaller brands of confectionary and chocolate, use these machines for the enrobing process. With a professional machine, the work can be done much quicker.

Why is enrobing required?

For many products, chocolate enrobing is the norm, because the thin and crisp encasing just adds to the flavor. The center of such confectionary products can vary, so even when the texture of the filling is different, dipping in chocolate adds to the shape. A whole range of confectionary and chocolate products can be made with enrobing, and many companies use colored cocoa butter to create diverse kinds of products.  With chocolate enrobing, it is also possible to add the logo and other details on the chocolate. A simple example of an enrobed chocolate product is the KitKat chocolate, which has wafers in the center.

Where to buy enrobers?

There are many companies that specialize in chocolate enrobing machines, and you can ask for details, based on requirements. Some of the enrobers can have a tempering machine included in the structure, so one product serves two purposes in a factory. The best chocolate enrobing machines are designed for easing the job, and companies that sell these machines will be more than willing to offer an estimate for products.

With enrobing, it is possible to create bakery, chocolate and confectionary products that have that extra flavor of cocoa. Check online for chocolate enrobers now, and don’t forget to review support and services provided by the manufacturer.