Here’s How Identity and Access Management Tool Can Help Your Business

Businesses around the world are grappling with compliance requirements. Since organizations are responsible for managing business data and customer information, they are expected to remain compliant to the laws of the land. General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR compliance, being one of them. The access, management of data are aspects that need attention, and that’s exactly where something like IAM, or Identity and access management, comes in the picture. This is basically a simple means, or rather a tool, to digitize, simplify and automate compliance for organizations. Here’s an overview.

Why use IAM tools?

Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t really understand the processes and steps involved in EU GDPR compliance, and other compliance needs. With IAM tools, it is possible to classify and identify the scope of compliance and find the best ways for better data access. IAM also comes in handy for establishing identity lifecycle management. For instance, how new employees get access to privacy data, or how businesses deal with the access available to workers who have been working for the company and are now-deboarding. Establishing processes related to access management, fulfilment, approval also gets easier with IAM tool.

More than just access management

IAM tools also help organizations in reviewing access rights periodically, so access to privacy data can be reviewed and all lapses can be managed ahead of a mishap. Depending on the tool selected, your company can maintain a proactive stance towards safety, access and security of privacy data. Some tools even allow companies to block compromised accounts. Also, it is easy to generate reports and manage access models, so risks within the organizations can be minimized. IAM tools, in return, also simplify the process of auditing for diverse needs and reporting to stakeholders.

In conclusion

Businesses have to find ways to manage privacy data better, and IAM is the best way to automate and maintain a stance that’s not just reactive but also proactive. Of course, not tools meant for access management are the same or have similar features, so it is necessary to evaluate what IAM tools can do for your business, and more importantly, if a tool is worth paying for. Scalability is one of the major factors to consider for access management tools, because the product has to be resourceful enough to grow as your company grows.

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