Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Corrugated boxes are recyclable, reusable and can be designed in a number of ways. In fact, the scope of design and conceptualization is huge for corrugated boxes. Creating a custom corrugated box can be confusing, and you have to select a reliable manufacturer, such as Belley, which can offer more than just ready boxes. Before you hire and collaborate with a corrugated box manufacturer, we recommend that you ask the questions listed below.

  • Do you offer help with design?

Designing product boxes and deciding on minute aspects like print, color, and theme can take considerable time and effort. If you don’t have a team of designers, you may have to hire people on a freelance basis. However, some corrugated box manufacturers have their own design and graphics team, and they can handle your design needs, in a customized way. From the structural conceptualization to design and final manufacturing, they can do it all.

  • Do you have storage services?

If you want to order corrugated boxes in bulk to save some money, it makes sense to sort out storage first. Many manufacturers do have warehouse facilities, where they will stock your boxes and ship as per your request. Large orders always come for a better price, and if you have a manufacturing and storage service that you can rely on, it’s always an advantage.

  • Will you offer an estimate in advance?

No matter how small or large your order may seem, you must get an estimate in advance, and the quote should be inclusive of all expenses. If shipping and storage costs are involved, make sure that every detail is mentioned. Most companies will offer estimates for free, but it largely depends on the size of your order, design process and other requirements.

  • Can you show a few samples?

A corrugated box manufacturer that has been dealing in custom packaging for the longest time will never step back from sharing some of their best samples. You need to check if the product boxes are sturdy and if the print and design are up to the mark. Also, if required, you can ask for a few client references, as well.

Finally, think of long-term collaboration. Don’t choose a box manufacturer because they are offering some cheap discount or a lower price. Check their expertise, find about their production capabilities and their regular clientele, to take the final call.