4 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Writer for Your Blog

Writing a blog is engaging and fun. Especially since you will be writing about a niche that you love, it will motivate you to regularly update your blog at least a few times per week.

But what happens when you have a busy week where you will have minimal time to update your blog? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with the regular blog updates, but you don’t want to shut it down.

Why not hire a freelance writer? There are many benefits to hiring a freelance writer for your blog as we will highlight below.

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Work Delegation

Running a blog by yourself can be overwhelming, especially if you have grown a following that expects regular updates. Delegation means that you are giving the freelance writer responsibility for authoring your blog posts for you, usually as a ghostwriter.

Delegating work to a freelance writer can free you up to handle other responsibilities in your life. Alternatively, you can use this extra time to research trends in your niche to get inspired for other blog post ideas.

One-on-One Partnership

As you continue to work with your freelance writer and they learn the style of writing that you prefer, it will become a one-on-one partnership. Whenever you need a few blog posts done, the writer can easily analyze the brief you have given them for each piece and craft the posts accordingly.

Having one freelance writer that you constantly work with can help to keep the same writing style the same. While you may have to pay a little more to this freelance writer because you are working with them one-on-one, it will guarantee continued quality work.

Helps With Planning Out Blog Posts

Collaborating with your freelance writer can help you to plan out blog posts. Maybe you want to put up six blog posts this coming week. You plan to handle writing three posts as you delegate the other three to your freelance writer. Give your freelancer a deadline of 24 hours per post that you assign them. Each day would alternate between publishing a post you wrote, the next day publishing one that your freelancer wrote, and so on so it gives your freelancer time to craft each post accordingly. Hence, the schedule can go like this:

Monday: Post #1 (yours)

Tuesday: Post #2 (theirs)

Wednesday: Post #3 (yours)

Thursday: Post #4 (yours)

Friday: Post #5 (theirs)

Saturday: Post #6 (yours)

Builds Your Blog Quicker

If you handle writing all of the blog posts yourself, you will be limited to only how much work you can produce per day. Delegating content writing to a freelance writer can help you grow your blog faster as the entity itself will be outputting about double the posts that you normally could publish as a one-person squad.


You don’t have to go it alone when writing a blog. Consider hiring a freelance writer to help expand your blog today!