White Label SEO: A Revolutionary Service In Business

What is white label SEO?

To those unfamiliar with the concept of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, it is a program that improves the overall quality of a website or a web page from search engines in order to grow organic search traffic. There exist several write-ups from SEO experts on this topic. Additionally, a white label is a product or service created by a company that other companies rebrand and then display as if they made it and offer said product or service under their brand. White label SEO combines two concepts – white-label and SEO. Multiple agencies are unaware of the many benefits of White Label SEO. It is the perfect toolkit for any digital, PR, or creative agency that does not currently offer SEO as a service.

Functioning of white label SEO

White label SEO (also known as private label SEO along with SEO reseller) means that a company provides SEO services to another company’s clients under their brand; however, another SEO agency does all the work.

The terms white label, private label, and reseller services refer to having another company or agency perform one company’s clients’ search engine optimization services. This act of transferring work means that one company can sell SEO services to another company’s clients without worrying about the fulfillment of the SEO work. Nevertheless, punctual and good-quality fulfillment is often a huge task when done in-house. Selling is usually easy, making white label SEO services extremely beneficial for agencies or SEO consultants.

The way a company and their white label SEO provider work hand in hand depends on whom they decide to choose as their provider, the sort of partnership they can strike, and the SEO services they need fulfilled. In some instances, when deciding to work with a white label company, the parent agency handles all the management of accounts and client-dealing work. The white label provider manages all the SEO campaign deliverables.

In other instances, management of accounts and the various client relationships may be white labeled, which means the white label partner will directly interact with the parent company’s clients on their behalf. In this way, they become an extension of the company for SEO. The whole process of white label SEO is extremely beneficial because it makes a company look like an SEO expert and eliminates the high cost of paying an expert.

The benefits of incorporating a white label program are plenty. There are new revenue sources with no overhead. If an agency is not currently providing SEO as a service to their clients, then partnering with a respected white label SEO company will increase their agency’s revenue. Since employee training or customer acquisition is not involved, the overhead is almost nothing. Gaining expertise and industry experience is another benefit.

Forming a partnership with an SEO provider would mean that a company does not need to build the infrastructure and process from scratch. Doing so also means they can immediately manipulate their provider’s credibility and experience. Moreover, maximizing resource is a major benefit to white label SEO services for agencies.