Know About the Areas for Completing Oil and Gas Well

In order to complete the well for drilling, cementing the casing and well drilling are the first steps.  After they are completed, rig crews will install tubing for bringing the oil and gas from its reservoir to its surface.

All these tubing will be connected to wellhead, by using a control valve system which looks like Christmas tree, for providing the workers to control the speed and direction of the flow of product from reservoir to the main surface.

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  • Final string of the casing must

Depending upon the depth of the well, a number of casing strings will be needed and if the well is much deeper, then it is necessary that the tensile strength of the string must be more.

Drilling operator also need to check the requirements based on the completion of open hole or cased hole.

  • Perforating and completing

After the above operation is completed then it is needed to make perforation on the casing.

In order to do this, it is essential that crews must know what will be the pressure in the bottom hole, which is just inside the pipe, and also, they need to anticipate the pressure inside the formation.

  • Tubing

Normally the tubing used is classified depending on 2 things:

  • Quality of metal that is used for making it
  • The thickness of the wall.

The kind of tubing to be used is decided during the installation which must properly match. This will include how deep is the well and how high is the gas pressure and few other factors.

  • The tubing strings

After placing the casing and cementing it, the crew will have the reservoir opened for the wellbore. In most of the cases, tubing string will be comprising of the items as follows:

  • The mud anchors
  • Perforations
  • Seating nipples
  • The packers
  • The hold-downs
  • Correlating perforations

During the installation of tubing into hole, placement of the casing perforations will be needed at best desired depth that is away from surface.

The overall well performance will be affected because of:

  • Location of its placement
  • How many fluid barrels will be produced?
  • How much gas will be preserved during the formation?
  • The amount of oil/gas produced.
  • Typical wellheads

Together with each of the string of casing, which will run into well, you have to install suitable correlating wellhead section too. This will be decided during the operation.