Finding Prime Office Space: A real challenge for established and startup businesses in Howard County, MD

If you are looking for office space anywhere in Maryland, then you’re likely not alone. The current trend of increasing interest rates is putting a strain on the finances of every business owner. The challenge is more pronounced for new startups and fledgling ventures. High interest rates mean higher cost of borrowing – including loans and mortgages. Making use of Howard County coworking space seems like an ideal alternative.

The Depth of the Challenge

Whether you are a startup venture, or whether you are an existing business looking for office space to grow, the challenges are myriad:

  • Where can you find appropriate space to fit your needs?
  • How much will it cost you to acquire the land or building?
  • How quickly can you have that premises “move-in” ready?
  • What’s the estimated cost to furnish and wire the property to fit your team’s needs?

Your best bet might be to look at using coworking Howard County office space – and here’s why: Of the 162,003 acres of land available, just 5.5% of land currently remains uncommitted. Which means you have slightly less than 9k acres to scour and find real estate to build an ideal office space for your team. The other option might be to move into existing space – but that decision might still saddle you with costs for re-furbishing, renovating and modernizing that space to your needs.

The bigger challenge, however, would be availability: With slightly more than 31k acres (19.2%) already in use, including industrial, institutional, government and utilities, it’s only a tiny fraction that is likely available for your commercial use. And that would make finding prime Howard County coworking space an even bigger challenge, because your competitors are eyeing that same space too!

The Perfect Alternative

With business owners’ time, be they established entities or startups, already tapped to the maximum, office space-hunting should be the last thing to add to your “To Do” list. Instead, choosing co-working space might be a better alternative. Hybrid work has already taken hold in many organizations, so why own or lease office space that might not be fully-utilized to capacity? And why make investments in state-of-the-art office equipment and furnishing, when a segment of your staff might only work part-time at the office?

Renting Howard County office space is the perfect alternative to your dilemma!

With more than 60,000 square feet of space conveniently located between Baltimore and Washington D.C., you’ll get instantaneous access to state of the art conference, event, and coworking spaces. But that’s not all you get by moving into MD Innovation Center coworking offices. You’ll be supported by an in-house community of experts and industry veterans, whose knowledge, experience and advice you can tap into.

And, your coworking arrangements also give you access to a host of innovation resources and programs especially designed to the needs of start up businesses. Best of all, instead of spending your business funds financing podcast studios, audio and video conferencing facilities, meeting and board rooms, your rental arrangement grants you access to it all.