ADU Builders: The Role They Play

One of the things people usually forget when building an adu in California is the local government guidelines. People think that they can go by whatever they want; what they do not know is that everything has its limitations, including building ADU.

If you were able to hire a good and trusted builder, you do not have to worry a lot about crossing the line between authorized and non-authorized construction regulations.

Just to further explain how a professional ADU builder can help, here are some of the things you need to know:

Latest Regulations 

This is their job so expect that they will not let any revisions and updates pass their radar. They have a separate team that handles the law and what the government currently regulates; therefore, they expect that their job will always be based on what is right according to the government regulations.


The ADU builders are the experts, but just in case they fall behind in what is right, they will be responsible for the error they committed. You do not have to pay any amount unless it is indicated on the contract.

Why would you make yourself liable for an issue you are not aware of if there are builders you can trust and leave this responsibility to.

They Have a License

This can give you peace of mind that they really know their work and that the local government provided them with the right to build ADUs. Do not be content when the builder claims that they have a license; you have to see it for yourself.

You do not need to secure the original copy of their license; a PDF file or a photocopy of the license is good enough.

You should not work with a builder that cannot prove their eligibility in this field, as you will end up disappointed if you do so.

Requesting Approval

Builders send their work for pre-approval; therefore, what you can get from them are samples of work that your local government permits. From the options they will show to you, you can decide which of them can provide you the satisfaction you are looking for in an ADU.

You can also provide them with your goals and let them seek approval from the local government on your behalf. They can also revise your dream ADU to what is approved by your local government.

They are well known in the construction industry; therefore, expect the most reliable and perfectly constructed ADU you are dreaming of without crossing the line of what is only authorized.

With everything stated above, there is no reason why you won’t depend on your social responsibility and ADU construction to a trusted builder. The builder can help you stay away from trouble; therefore hiring them is something you have to seriously do.