5 Reasons to Choose Steel Roofing

The phrase, a roof over your head, is synonymous with having a home. The roof is the most important part of your build.  It is also a critical design element. If the roof doesn’t have the right look, the whole construction suffers. The roof material is a primary consideration for engineering because the weight of the roof determines the amount of support required. You want your roof to be durable, attractive, and long lasting. More and more people are choosing steel roofing for these and other reasons.

  • Strength and Durability: Steel roofs can outlast other roof materials by as much as three to one, you can expect 50 years or more from a properly installed roof of good quality. Additionally, Steel roofs offer excellent wind resistance, impact resistance, and of course fire resistance. A steel roof will protect your construction from a variety of weather conditions, by quickly shedding snow and rain from its smooth well engineered profile.
  • Variety of looks: It used to be that a steel roof looked like a steel roof. And for that reason, steel was less popular for some applications. It was fine for commercial properties and outbuildings, but it didn’t always suit the design of modern homes. Thanks to innovation in manufacturing. There are many new looks available for steel roofing. It can even emulate ceramic or slate tiles. High tech press rollers can create a custom profile for you, design to your specifications and cut to size, down to the millimetre.
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly: Steel roofing is a responsible choice for three reasons. Because it is so long lasting, it does not need to be replaced so often, meaning that less resources are used. Additionally, steel does not result in a bunch of polluting materials taking up space in a landfill. Steel is recyclable. One other benefit is that steel reflects heat, making it a good choice for hot conditions and lowers energy bills and consumption.
  • Low maintenance: Steel is very low maintenance. If the product was expertly installed, A steel roof is an asset that you can forget about for years at a time, as it keeps your property dry and safe. If you do have a case of damage, Industrial roofing repairs in Perth are easy to arrange.

A lot of thought goes into a building design, and often the most important part of the design is the roof. Steel is the easiest material to design for, and it has many benefits. It is a low-cost energy efficient and eco-friendly option, that will outlast all other materials.